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Cute Hair Accessories For TWAs & Tapered Cuts

Cute Hair Accessories For TWAs & Tapered Cuts

I have been playing around with accessories for my TWA/Tapered Cut. I purchased a couple of headbands and head chains that I thought might look cute with my cute- especially for festivals and such.

I picked up a couple from random places like eBay and Nordstrom Rack:


When I saw this one on eBay, I thought it was so cute! For only $3 including shipping, I figured why not.

DSC05468 DSC05470 DSC05474


Beads & Chains!

This one was only $0.99 which included shipping! This one clasps in the back so it adjusts to your head if you have a smaller or larger head. I really like this one because I feel I could wear this one out with a dope maxi dress or something. This one doesn’t have to be just for a festival.

DSC05482 DSC05485 DSC05481 DSC05486



These ones you can totally dress up. I would probably wear this to a lounge or club and I wouldn’t look out of place. This can also be pulled up to wear as a traditional headband as you can see below.


DSC05488 DSC05490 DSC05492 DSC05493