#CurlyAndFit Twerk Out Dance Class

#CurlyAndFit Twerk Out Dance Class


Our 2nd stop for Curly & Fit was Twerk Out dance class taught by Cherry Coco at Dance 411 in Atlanta. I would pretty much say that everyone had a fabulous time and came out sweating with calories burned.

We danced and had so much fun learning some fun dance moves that we could practice. But twerking isn’t just about trying to be sexy while dancing, it is moving all of your body! You literally move and shake everything. This leads to sweating and that leads to calories being burned.

So many people at the end of the class said they wanted to come back and that it didn’t feel like “working out” …I guess I would call it “Twerking Out” lol (I’m so corny lol) ┬áBut THIS is the goal of this campaign. You can burn calories while having fun and not feeling like you are working out.

Everyone got a drawstring Curly & Fit bag that they can take on their next journey working out which included items from our sponsor Beautiful Textures


Thanks so much Dance 411 and Cherry Coco. Check out her class that she has 2 times weekly plus some pole classes.

Catch us this weekend at Dance 411 again for Double Dutch Aerobics!! Head to  Tickets are only $7