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#CurlyAndFit Takes The Vibe Ride! Next Class 5/21 Sponsored by @CantuBeauty

#CurlyAndFit Takes The Vibe Ride! Next Class 5/21 Sponsored by @CantuBeauty


I had an awesome weekend! My blogger friends and some of my readers came out to celebrate the first Atlanta Curly & Fit of 2016. As you know, we were in NY a couple of weeks ago for an African dance class!

We headed to The Vibe Ride this Saturday for an ultimate spin ride! Cantu was our sponsor and I love working with them because they are passionate about women’s health! I want to encourage Black women to work out and not use their hair as an excuse.


As you can see, we were sweatttiinnnggg! When people work out, you see everything from protective styles, to handbands, to hats.DSC08927

Dametria from CANTU chatted with the group about how to maintain your hair with the Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel. You can put that on your edges and then wrap your hair prior to working out. When you are done working out, make sure your hair is completely dry BEFORE taking it down. This is a great way to maintain the life of your hair style while still working out.


Everyone had a blast at The Vibe Ride! Thanks everyone for coming:



Make sure you join us this weekend if you are in Atlanta for 2 dance classes with Kenya Raymer aka @HalfieTruths. Head to for more details

Check out more pics from the class:

DSC08958 DSC08953 DSC08940