#CurlyAndFit Takes On CYC Fitness In Atlanta

#CurlyAndFit Takes On CYC Fitness In Atlanta


OMG! I have been to several spin classes over the past couple of years, but I recently went to the most of epic of epic spin classes at CYC Fitness in Atlanta for the first stop on the #CurlyAndFit tour (Come work out with us at different locations every week. Check out ).  I have been to some fun spin classes, but THIS class taught by Keoni was so different than any other spin class.

Of course, I am used to dope beats in spin class, but a spin class that is a true experience, I have never had until now. When you walk in, you feel like you are about to walk into a performance with some pop or rap stars.

Once we got started, the music is there and the lights are dim like you are in a club. Keoni was on the mic and on the bike front and center explaining every move before we do it so everyone can have a full understanding of what was about to happen. The lights are all fancy and then he starts playing on a drum in class!! You are totally into it because the class is  intense, but you somehow get lost in the beat that you haven’t paid attention to being drenched in sweat from spinning and burning so many calories!

OMG! I cannot say enough how much fun this class was. If you have a CYC Fitness near you, definitely check them out at 

Thanks to the Atlanta CYC Fitness and instructor Keoni for hosting us for our soft launch! Thank you to Elasta QP for sponsoring and providing products for the ladies in attendance!