Curly Or Straight? L’Oreal Chimes In With A Survey

Curly Or Straight? L’Oreal Chimes In With A Survey


How do you feel when you wear your hair curly vs. wearing it straight? Do you get more compliments with your hair curly or straight? How do you think men feel about curls? L’Oreal Paris conducted a survey and some of the results are interesting. Check out my answers in purple.


74 percent of women with wavy/curly hair saying their curls get compliments.

Team Curl:

  • Curls Have More Fun – Nearly 50 percent of men and more than 50 percent of women perceive curly-haired girls as fun When my hair is curly I totally have more fun. I’m not worried about messing up my straight hair.
  • Morning Call – Nearly 80 percent of women would wake up with wavy/curly hair if they could choose their natural hairstyle; only 16 percent would go straight  Would totally choose natural over straight in the morning.
  • Stand Out – More than 3 in 10 women with wavy/curly hair (31 percent) say their curls make them feel unique    I definitely feel my curls help me stand out. If someone doesn’t know my name, they definitely remember my hair!
  • Leave it Alone  – 47 percent of women with wavy/curly hair wear their curls “au natural” every day; only 15 percent say they style it straight most of the time  Au naturale is the way to go. Don’t fight the curls

Curly Cues:

  • Men Take Notice  – More than 3 in 10 men (37 percent) see curly-haired women as adventurous and more than 4 in 10 men (42 percent) see them as sexy Those are pretty good percentages. I know I get waaayyyy more compliments from men when I wear my hair curly
  • Let Loose – 43 percent of women with wavy/curly hair feel free when rocking their wavy/curly hair, while 25 percent feel girly and 22 percent feel young  Hmm, I feel free, girly AND young. Mostly, I would go with Free.
  • Women Want Waves – 54 percent of women reach for the curling iron when they want to get glam  Girls with straight locks usually do want curly/wavy locks.

Mane Concerns

With 50 percent of women saying that having smooth, frizz-free hair is important but 30 percent citing frizzy hair as a top beauty complaint (even over acne and chapped lips), L’Oréal Paris introduced EverCurl – the first-to-mass sulfate-free haircare system designed specifically for women with curly hair. The six-piece collection offers 48 hours of frizz control and leaves curls hydrated, defined and full of bounce.

“Previously, women with curly hair felt the only way to achieve defined, frizz-free curls was to load up hair with a hard gel which ultimately resulted in a stiff style,” L’Oréal Paris Consulting Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy says. “Luckily there have been great advancements in products for curly hair. From wavy to coily, L’Oréal Paris’ EverCurl shampoo, conditioners and targeted range of treatments leave women with soft, manageable curls no matter their curl type.”

Straight Talk

L’Oréal Paris is inviting women and men across America to weigh in on the “Curly Girl” results. They can share their views via Twitter on whether curls truly rule or straight styles still take the cake by tagging @LOrealParisUSA using #straight or #curly. While this age old debate may never have an official resolution, evidence points to curly girls coming out ahead. However, people should be prepared for strong rebuttals as everyone has their own stance when it comes to something as personal as hair.

I will be trying out the L’Oreal Evercurl soon. I have seen great reviews from women of all hair types. Best of all, the products are super affordable. Have you tried EverCurl yet?