Curly-ist? – Shannon of video

So Shannon of did a video on Curly-ist- She describes a curly-ist as someone who doesn’t like curly hair. I thought this video was so funny because I get the same questions and I am sure alot of you can relate. In this video, she does a comedic take on the dumb questions or comments women with curly hair get.  (It does have “b****” in it a couple of times so if you’re not cool with it, don’t watch the video)

I love their blog . Both of the owners have gorgeous natural hair. Andrea you may recognize from Degrassi (I LOVE Degrassi so much- been watching it for YEARS —since the kid’s parents were on it). They also have a Youtube channel where they may do questions or some funny skits. They even talk about their hair in some of the videos. Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube Channel: ThoseGirlsAreWild . They are two awesome talented ladies who have great hair!