Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz & Curl Keeper Review

I have finally been able to review some of the several products I have that are for Wash & Go styles. Since its the springtime- and VERY hot in Atlanta, it is much easier for me to do Wash & Go’s when its warm. I don’t do them in the winter.

So my first review on the list is Curly Hair Solutions EXTENZZ and Curl Keeper as a styler and SLIP as a detangler. I researched both products to see what would work best with my hair and I saw some people say they mixed both  styling products. Eztenzz is to stretch the curls and Curl Keeper is to stop frizz.  EXTENZZ is a creamy consistency and Curl Keeper seems like a very light liquidy gel.

Firstly, I tried out their Slip product which is to help you detangle your hair. You spray it in and leave it in there for 30 seconds and then you get to detangling. It did help my super tangled hair. I could feel the difference as if something that coated the strands to help you get through the tangles easier.

I used both of the styling products in the shower while my hair was still sopping wet. I put the Curl Keeper on first and then Extenzz. Toward the end, I mixed both in my hair and made sure to not miss any areas of hair.

I love how my hair is big, DEFINED, & STRETCHED. I don’t get stretched hair with every product and usually I have to use a diffuser to pull my hair to stretch it out but I didn’t have to with this product. I loved the way it worked in my hair.

Check out this brand at for more details on the products they have to offer. Check out their videos too. It really helped me when figuring out how to use the products.