Curly Hair Cuts

I am headed to NY tomorrow and figured I should get my hair shaped while I am in town. The last time I got my hair shaped was a year ago and of course your hair grows out, you get trims, someone different cuts your hair etc…. The most expensive haircut I have paid for was $75 in Atlanta for a curly cut. However, I am willing to spend more to get an AMAZING cut in New York by one of the top curly salons in the world. Of course we know that getting your hair shaped at Curly salons such as OuidadMiss JessiesDevachan,Hair Rules for example are expensive to most people (especially if you live outside of NY and aren’t used to those prices). I feel like if I only do it twice a year then it is not as bad. Plus, I save money year-round by not going to stylists to get my hair done. Have you experienced haircuts with any of these salons? I am interested to hear your feedback. Do you get your hair shaped for your curly style or do you get it cut straight?


curly comments!

  • Alanna

    I’ve always wanted to get a devacut so right now I am saving up every dollar I can to get one 🙂 theres is a local salon that told me they will charge $90

  • Bri

    I live in NY and visited Miss Jessie’s last weekend for my annual cut. I had their Angel/Balance Cut with Natural Style (dry twist out). All in my visit cost me $400 (not including tip). This was my second visit to the salon (first one Aug 2010) and will probably be the last. My next hair cut will be at Khamit Kinks.

  • $400?!! O_o

  • Daisy

    I don’t even think I would pay 400 for wedding day hair O-O

  • Can’t wait to see what you decided to do!
    I’m growing out heat damage (15 mos in) and am seriously considering scheduling a devacut to get rid of these straight ends and shape my natural hair…so happy you’re doing it now! Looking forward to the update!

  • Ladyscorpio

    I didn’t even know there was a such thing as a curly cut. You learn something new everyday.

  • dannnnnnnnnnnng $400?!?!?! Ooooh we!

  • dafriscokid

    I paid 85 for a Devacut and it was worth it. I had heat damage on half of the head he did a great job. The Salon I went to were trained at the Devachan. Im going to get my hair shaped at the end of the year. The also use Miss Jessies and Devachan products in my hair.

  • you know if you sign up to be an ouidad model you can get a hair cut for free! They fly in cosmetologist/stylists from around the country to train them in the cut & slice ouidad method – and while it is a learning experience for them it is a free cut for you! I’m sure that the ones that have been doing it for years might do it a bit better – but still – the veterans are there training and keeping a watchful eye! I’m going on Sunday!!!

  • The Curl Addict

    I would love a good cut!! Lexi, did you get your hair cut in NY? Will you post pics, if so??

  • Constance

    Yes please post the pics!

  • Jaada

    I got a Devacut 2 weeks ago when I was in NY. Was about 125 with the styling but just 80 for the cut. Great investment. My curls have never looked this good. Trick is to make sure you go to one of the more junior stylists. They are all trained to cut well, so it’s not worth it to me to pay 150 for a cut I could have gotten for 80 in the same shop. Have heard great thing about April, melanie and Sophie, though I ended up with helek due to an appt mix up.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    So I ended up not doing the cut…I lost track of time and really wouldn’t have had time but next time I will plan in advance so I can make time to get my hair cut.

  • diane

    Yes, I have had my hair cut at a Ouidad shop in Santa Monica and it was very nice. I will be going to New York in June and I plan on getting my hair cut at Devachan.

    Can’t wait!