Curly Hair Cuts

I am headed to NY tomorrow and figured I should get my hair shaped while I am in town. The last time I got my hair shaped was a year ago and of course your hair grows out, you get trims, someone different cuts your hair etc…. The most expensive haircut I have paid for was $75 in Atlanta for a curly cut. However, I am willing to spend more to get an AMAZING cut in New York by one of the top curly salons in the world. Of course we know that getting your hair shaped at Curly salons such as OuidadMiss JessiesDevachan,Hair Rules for example are expensive to most people (especially if you live outside of NY and aren’t used to those prices). I feel like if I only do it twice a year then it is not as bad. Plus, I save money year-round by not going to stylists to get my hair done. Have you experienced haircuts with any of these salons? I am interested to hear your feedback. Do you get your hair shaped for your curly style or do you get it cut straight?