“Curly Girls Rock” – How should I wear my hair?

Okay…so the event is quickly approaching…8 days away to be exact. I am soooo excited. Now I am stuc as to what to do to my hair. I need some suggestions…I am planning on keeping my hair straight until next Thursday (I make my silk presses last as long as possible!) I kinda wanted to wear my hair up, but not all tucked away…But then I was thinking I could blow out my hair and then do a braid out….I’m so lost as to what to do.

I am looking for some suggestions of fierce hairstyles you have seen. So far on my list I like these:







I realize 3,5,6 look alike or similar…some look like twist outs and then up, some looking like Wash & Go and then up….I wonder how the backs are though? Maybe braided up, twisted up, gelled up, or french roll?  I’m looking for suggestions not limited to these…Please send me links of hot styles.