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Curly & Fit: TFR Xtreme Cycle Launch Feat. Angela Simmons

Curly & Fit: TFR Xtreme Cycle Launch Feat. Angela Simmons

It’s no secret I am a huge cycle fan. In fact, it was the cycle classes at LA Fitness that got me into the gym. The classes would be so popular that I would arrive early to get a spot and then I would workout until it was time for class to start. I needed SOMETHING that would drive me to the gym and this was it. I had no idea they would be playing fun music and that it would be rhythm based.

Over the years, I have taken sooo many cycle classes. I don’t care what anyone says, the cycle classes in the south are THE BEST. I know NY and LA are huge from cycle, but It’s not like this. In the south, it’s trap music AND you have to stay on beat. In regular spin classes, you go at your own pace. I don’t like those type of classes. If I go at my own pace, I won’t get a great workout. But, if I am challenged to keep up with the beat and the entire class, I work 10 times harder and burn way more calories.

This weekend, I was one of the classes guest hosts at Total Fitness Revolution in Mableton, GA. They were launching their Xtreme Cycle classes. The all day event was hosted by Maria More and Rashan Ali.

The class definitely looks like you are in a club or lounge with cool lights and large TVs for the music videos. The thing I really liked when I was hanging out there was the variety of music. I watched a Latin/Reggaeton class and it got me so excited to try that!

The class I guest hosted was all of the music I love- from trap to Rihanna. To me, if the music is great, it makes you forget you are sweating and burning calories! It is HIGH INTENSITY so come prepared- bring water and they have towels there for you…you’ll need it.

Angela Simmons came out too! If you follow her on social media, you know she is definitely into health & fitness. It was great to see her come out.

Check out Total Fitness Revolution
1303 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE
Mableton, GA 30126

Thanks so much to the awesome Total Fitness Revolution team. I will definitely be back.