Curly Extensions + Blending

Curly Extensions + Blending

I have been rocking extensions these past 3 weeks (wow time flies) and blending is always an issue for me. If I don’t use a super kinky curly hair, then I’m always going to have to put in a little work to get it to blend right with my hair.  ( I don’t mind putting in a little work! I just don’t want to have to do tooooo much work lol) I always have some leave out when I get extensions because I want it to look as natural as possible.

Here you can see the extensions I have in with my hair and the extensions wet as it is starting to dry:

photo 2 photo 3


After it completely dried, I took my curling wand and used it on my hair and  I took portions of the extensions hair (sporadic sections just on the top) and did those as well. This helps my hair blend in with the extensions. I opted not to do the entire hair like that because you can’t see underneath anyway , so it’s natural curl pattern works perfectly for a very natural affect.

photo 3


I wanted it to blend and look very natural, but yet not too perfect. I think it was a good way to give it that “Messy beach hair” type of look.

photo 4


This lasted me 3 days so far so I love it! I just put my hair in a loose ponytail and then put a bonnet on top and I also use my pillow bonnet and I am good to go!!

I will do a video sometime this week!

What is your go to for blending with curly/wavy hair?