Curls & Wide Brim Hats (Where To Find Them)

Curls & Wide Brim Hats (Where To Find Them)


I can’t say I am excited that it’s getting cold, but the good thing about cooler weather is the cool Fall clothes.  I especially love those Fall and Winter hats. I used to have THE hardest time finding hats when I had no hair. I already have a big head and with a ton of thick hair on top, now hat was going to fit.

Wide-brim hats are lit for the Fall!!

I was on the hunt for hats.  I searched for all colors- olive, brown, black, brown, oxblood. I basically want them in every Fall color.  You’ll see that alot of these hats are very expensive (to me). I’m not really spending more than $35 on a hat :/ I’ve seen them at 50+. Since I’m not a super big hat person, that’s out of my  budget. I searched and found some at Old Navy (They have L/XL 🙂 ) and Forever 21.

I picked up this fedora from Forever 21 in a Medium/Large and while it doesn’t fit perfectly, it still works tilted back. I got this for $18!!!


I will say I am afraid of One Size hats. If you have a larger head then those probably won’t work. Forever 21 has some cute options- some one-size and others a S/M option and M/L options. Check them out:




Here are some of other cute hats from around the webosphere: