Curls Poppin’ with Design Essentials

Curls Poppin’ with Design Essentials

I’m a bit bored with my hair these days (in getting braids next week 😊) I wanted to try something different. I haven’t really mastered the art of rod sets yet. Figured I would give it another shot with my hair this length mixed with the fact that I’m lazy.

I watched a couple of videos and got to it. It seemed like a setting foam would be best for my hair. I used the Alikay Naturals Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler which OMG helped me glide through my tangled hair after wearing a puff for days.

After co-washing , I used the Design Essentials Twist & Set Setting Lotion and brushed it through with a denman.

I decided to use mostly pink rods and some white ones near the edges

I took larger sections and wrapped it around and secured the ends.

I am usually pretty impatient these days so I hate sitting under the dryer. I diffused my hair for five minutes before going to sleep for the night and prayed it would be dry in the morning.

I am super happy with the results. After pulling apart the curls, I fluffed the roots