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CurlKit + Au Naturale + QRedew Steamer Review

CurlKit + Au Naturale + QRedew Steamer Review


I was so excited when I opened my March CurlKit to find all new Dark & Lovely Au Naturale products. They recently introduced their new products that help you follow the LOC Method. I wasn’t very familiar with the LOC method but I was excited to find out. It is a Leave-In, Oil, & Cream. This is a step by step that is proven to help you lock in moisture into your hair to prevent frizz and to keep your curls quenched.

I was excited to try it out!  At under $10 each, they have the Super Quench Leave-In Spray (The leave in), Soak It Up Oil Cocktail (the oil) , and the Lock It In Sealing Cream (the cream)

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This helped take out all of the guess work for me who is a newbie to this method. Since my hair was suffering for a Hot Mess Week (lol), I was too lazy to wash my hair since it had just been washed a couple of days prior so I decided to pull out my Q-Redew.

The Q-Redew is a handheld steamer for your hair that restores moisture in dry hair. Well my hair was SUPEEERRR dry so I wanted to try it out for the first time. I followed the simple step by step directions and filled a piece with water and connected it back to the steamer and plugged it in. Within minutes it was ready to go. I pushed the lever and took a quarter of my hair and steamed it to give it a soft mist. Once I could feel the difference, I went in with the leave in, the oil and then the cream. From there, I did 2 strand twists and then bantu knots.

When I woke up in the morning, my hair was TRANSFORMED.


I went from THIS the night before….


To this:

(These pics were taken after almost 8 hours after and I wish I took pics of it when I first took out the curls)

IMG_6989 IMG_6993 IMG_6995


I absolutely loved the results!!! 1) I can’t wait to try the LOC products from a fresh wash and 2) I can’t wait to use the steamer again! The steamer definitely was a time saver. I didn’t have to wash, twist/bantu knot and then wait 10+ hours for the hair to dry (and my hair is never dry when I wake up). This was a quick style and it didn’t take long.

My hair FELT amazing, it looked good and my hot mess hair was revived to look waaayyy better than I started off!! lol

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