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Curling Wand On Natural Hair

Curling Wand On Natural Hair

This weekend after my awesome twist out with EDEN BodyWorks (will post soon), I decided to do something different toward the end of my twist out. I pulled out my curling wand and got to work.

Now, whenever I used my curling wand, I am not doing every single area of my hair. I focus on the top and the very bottom (the longest lengths). If i do every single curl it would take forever PLUS, you can’t even see the inside so it’s okay if its not ALL curled.





Here are some pics from when I wand curled my friend Janee’s hair:

We did this from a couple day old twist out I believe (or maybe a wash & go. I forgot)

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.35.05 AM

Wand curling is a super easy way to take an old twist out or wash & go and get the curls back poppin’!!

You don’t have to put it on high heat either. I did mine on 350 and it worked out great! I only had to leave on for about 2 seconds and the curls were set. Don’t forget to use some heat protectant!