Curling Wand On Extensions With Shawnda Dee

Curling Wand On Extensions With Shawnda Dee

Two weeks ago, my stylist Shawnda wanted to try something different with my latest extensions. She wanted to use a curling wand all over so I was like cool! This should be pretty.

She brushed it out all over and made it really big!

photo 1


I actually liked it like that!! I think it would be dope with a hippie style headband!! Will be trying this out soon!!

After brushing it out, she used a curling wand and curled it all over to create this beautiful look:

(sorry for the camera phone pics)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I absolutely loved the look and it can last a few days as the curls drop!!

I loved it! Thanks Shawnda!

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