Creme Of Nature’s Argan Oil Perfect Edges Intro & Review

I went to a cool webinar last week where I got to hear all about Creme of Nature’s newest product- Argan Oil perfect edges.

I found out many cool things that I did not know about Creme of Nature- for instance, their headquarters is based in Barcelona. Who knew?!

So I have been using the Perfect Edges for about 2 weeks now to lay down my edges with these extensions in. It really helped me out a bunch to control the edges. The main thing I was worried about was that I didn’t want my hair to revert with the product- but it didn’t at all. They actually mentioned that in the webinar that it would not revert your hair. I can absolutely say that is true from my personal experience. It just laid down my previously straightened hair very straight.

How to Use:

Apply to edges & smooth with fingertips, small toothbrush or brush for desired look and hold.

Pro Tip:

Perfect for smoothing and molding the edges, nape & sides of short hair cut styles. Can also be used to spike and shape short hair.


Do you ever have issues getting your edges to lay down? I hear people use toothbrushes, scarfs, etc…