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Creating A Classic Pompadour With SoftSheen-Carson

I am a huge fan of pompadours and have been doing (attempting) them for years. I can never get it quite as good as when professionals do it but I always try. I really just need a good step by step and knowing what to do where. I have done this with my hair in it’s natural state, but never a smooth one so I can’t wait to try this. I reached out to SoftSheen Carson to find out how we can achieve this style at home with slightly blown out hair 🙂


The 1950’s classic Pompadour has recently become a very popular look on this year’s red carpets. Music sensations Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars are refining the retro look with a modern-day twist. Whether for a night on the town, special occasion or simply, just because, the pompadour is a fashion-forward and trendy style. Johnny Wright, Celebrity Hairstylist to such celebrities as First Lady Michelle Obama, Vanessa Williams and Sherri Shepherd and SoftSheen-Carson Artistic Director can share easy steps to achieve the look.

Tips to Achieve The New Age Pompadour Look

  1. Start out with clean and well conditioned hair
  2. Apply a small amount of Optimum Care Whipped Oil Moisturizer throughout hair and blow dry forward and then backwards with paddle brush (This will allow hair to move in either direction when curled.)
  3. When hair is completely dry, apply a dime size amount of Optimum Care Heat Protection Polisher to hair and with a small flat iron take diagonal parting starting behind ear and iron sides down smooth working towards front hairline.
  4. Using a medium size curling iron barrel, start at back of crown and curl hair down towards nape. When reaching very top of head comb each section of hair slightly forward and keep directing curls back. This will start to create a looser curl
  5. Apply a pea size amount of Optimum Care Whipped Oil Moisturizer to hands like your applying lotion and finger comb hair to separate top curls and smooth sides and back down. Create the pompadour style by using a comb and lightly backcomb front hairline to give Pompadour volume in front and comb into shape.
  6. Spray entire head with your favorite holding spray to lock in place. * To create a sleeker look your sides, apply SoftSheen-Carson Lets Jam Custard Cream Gel for a flexible hold