Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation Review + Shade Matching

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation Review + Shade Matching

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I am always looking for a foundation that is easy for a lazy person like me. In the summer, I don’t generally like wearing liquid so I decided to try a pressed powder. I hadn’t worn pressed powder in years but I had heard great reviews about Cover FX’s pressed powder┬áso I decided to try it out.

Because I was being lazy and didn’t want to go to Sephora to get matched, I went to their Shade Matcher on their website which made it super easy. It’s a short quiz that helps you find the best match for you. I decided I was either G60 r G70 (G is for Gold undertones).

photo 2
My picture doesn’t show the true color but you can see the slight difference.

I received both and couldn’t wait to try them out! One was a tad deeper (G70) so they actually both could work for me. (Especially after me going to Jamaica next week and I will be a little browner from the tan I will be getting)

The instructions say you could use the sponge they provide or a brush. I decided to use the sponge and then do a light dusting with a brush afterwards.

Check out my before and after:

Cover FX pressed mineral foundation g60 g70

I love that it gave me the light coverage I was looking for to just smooth out my complexion and cover up some blemishes. It didn’t feel heavy on my face or anything, perfect for summer!

This will definitely be my go-to when I want a break from liquids (especially in this hot humid Atlanta heat!)

Thanks Cover FX!!