Cool Jewelry- Beads By Aree

Cool Jewelry- Beads By Aree

I was perusing on Twitter and Instagram  like I usually do and one of my favorite singers Elle Varner tweeted about some earrings she had that were especially made for her and her fans called the Elle-phant.



I knew whoever made these earrings, I had to check out the rest that they had to offer! Now enters BeadsByAree . This young jewelry designer has amazing style and creative jewelry. She sells items ranging from earrings to rings to necklaces to body pieces and more!

My mom gets on me all the time when we are together about not wearing earrings. She believes that earrings really complete a look and that everyone woman should have them on. While I don’t necessarily feel like I need to wear earrings everyday, if I am going to, it needs to be fly.

I narrowed down my choices to 2 pair:

Love For The Congo and Sankofa Studs 

love-for-the-congo sankofa-studs

They are so cute! OMG everytime I wear them I get a crazy amount of compliments. I like earrings that get compliments!!

These are all handmade too! So when you order, give it about a week and a half to two weeks so these gorgeous designs can be made for you!

The next ones I probably will get are the Zo-Zos and the Mamas

zo-zo-earrings mamas

Have you check out Beads by Aree yet? If not, what are you waiting for?