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Consignment Shopping/Selling: Alexis Suitcase in ATL

Consignment Shopping/Selling: Alexis Suitcase in ATL


I love a good designer shoe or handbag, but paying for stuff full price is crazy (for my pockets). I have a couple of bags that I have purchased full-price but most of my bags are gently used items. Alexis Suitcase in Atlanta has everything I need.

In addition to buying, selling is also my thing! I am an impulse shopper so I may buy something and then it has tags on it still months later. Why not make some money off of them? I have taken some of my clothing, shoes, and purses there and have gotten paid for them. I sold a  pair of Christian Louboutin pumps at got almost $200 for them. Literally from a Zara blazer to a sequin skirt, I have dropped it by and made money off of items I no longer wear. They must be in season and fairly new. The last batch of items I took, almost all of them sold within days.

From here, I can get a check or they can Paypal me the money. I can alsouse it as in-store credit to make a purchase and they give you 20% bonus credit  (based on what you have in your account) basically if you purchase items in the store. So far I have purchase this older Louis Vuitton Monogram Toiletry 26.I really like this older one because it’s leather inside instead of the other material like the newer ones. I also got my mom a Louis Vuitton Alma bag for her birthday. I basically got the Toiletry without having to spend any money at all. For the Alma, I used some credit and paid the rest in cash. It was a win-win. Out with the old and in with the new—and if you are lucky enough, you won’t even have to come out of pocket.

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I am seeking a crossbody Louis Vuitton (which is hard for my height) and a classic double flap Chanel bag. The great thing about Alexis Suitcase is you can add your name to their Wish List and list the items you are looking for. When they get them in, you get notified and you can make the purchase 🙂 Also, you can stalk their Instagram @AlexisSuitcase  like I did to find items I was looking for but RUN, don’t walk! Louis Vuitton items go veeerrryy quickly. Within minutes it may be sold. I f you want it, they will send you an invoice and you have to pay within the hour.

If you live in Atlanta or are visiting Atlanta, you should definitely stop by one of their 3 locations. Also, if you have some gently used or brand new items sitting around in your closet, go ahead and take them over there and make some cash$$

Alexis Suitcase (Buckhead)

2221 Peachtree Rd NE Suite H
Atlanta, GA 30309

John’s Creek

5805 State Bridge Rd Suite I
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Sandy Springs

7878 Roswell Rd Suite G
Atlanta, GA 30350