Consignment Shopping in Brooklyn – Recap (Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co.)

Consignment Shopping in Brooklyn – Recap (Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co.)

I had loads of fun in NY weeks ago for a portion of Fashion Week. On the weekend I decided to do some shopping, but not my typical shopping in Soho. I am still H&M,  Zara and TopShop’d out from Barcelona (every other store was one of those three).

I decided to take the hour long train ride to the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. I would explain this area as a very cool, hipster area. It was tons of people out on that Sunday. I decided to hit up 3 stores- Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., and Beacon’s Closet. To give you some background, I am a sale shopper. I ONLY shop sales and I am a thrift store junkie! I decided to try the consignment or Buy-Sell-Trade  route instead of my normal thrift stores. I don’t really know if I should call them consignment or not since technically people are getting paid upfront, but for the sake of the article I will. Consignment stores are much more expensive, but all of the items are generally great quality and stuff you would want to purchase.

While walking, I ran into Crossroads Trading Co. first. This store was amazing! They actually had some new items there (at least I think they were new). There were multiple of certain items towards the front. I got a really cute see through top that was a pale pink with black lace detail.  On the long racks, they have their items by type of clothing and the size which made it very easy. The dressing rooms are also big which makes it easy to try on a ton of stuff.

While trying on several items including an uber cute romper from Betsey Johnson that was only $35, I ran into a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress for only $35. This dress was sooo cute with a cut out in the back! When researching online to get an idea of the original price, I’m guestimating it was at least $350 but probably more than that. Most M by MJ dresses that are similar range from $250-$450 so somewhere in that range. Either way, for $35 I got a huge deal.

Buffalo Exchange time! This would be my 2nd time there that weekend (the first time was at another location). I love this place also because it’s by size and very organized. I found the most items here. Huge dressing rooms too!

I can always use a LBD, but I definitely needed one with long sleeves. I ran into this dress and loved the jeweled detail at the top. This is definitely not a summer dress, more like towards the end of Fall (in Atlanta) or winter dress. Perfect LBD for the cooler months!  I also think $38 is a great deal for this Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique dress.


I got this cool jean (shirt) jacket that is all bleached and has cool cut out details and studded! I love it. Earlier I bought a studded jean vest from Forever 21 which I would’ve skipped out on if I found this first. This was $38. A little pricey I know. After researching the brand LF, I found that this jacket was probably originally $150+ so still a good deal and it saves me time from DIYing.

You know how you try on everything that looks good on the rack in your size for a decent price when at thrift or consignment stores? Well, this is what I did. I found this B.B. Dakota dress and didn’t really expect to like it. When I tried it on, it fit my curves great and I totally decided to get it. Only $18.50 and most B.B. Dakota dresses are from $60+.


Last couple of items were some wide leg elastic waistband animal print pants from Forever 21. I typically will not get F21 from thrift or consignment stores, buuttt these were brand new with tags and I really liked them. To top it off, they were soooo long. I’m 5’10” so I need length.  Those were $9.

I also got a cute, chill dress that apparently is a Japanese brand but it looks like an African print. I couldn’t find any information on it when researching. It has a very intricut sewing design on it which gives it a cool fit. That dress was on sale (50% off) and I got it for only $8.

Lastly, the African Print pants were from a Flea Market in Harlem that I stopped by. They were handmade one size fits all. They are high waisted on me. I got those for $15.


Lastly, I went to Beacon’s Closet. It was hellllaaa bigger than the other two stores, but waayyy cluttered.  Even though this store is very organized too, its too many racks + too many people which made me overwhelmed. You have to have a strategy to get around otherwise you would get stuck and two people could not fit in between racks lol. I did try on a ton of stuff, but after comparing the prices of the item I really liked to the original price I found online, I decided to not make the purchases. And because the store was so large, I didn’t feel like going through every rack in my size. It was THAT big. I did have a fun time looking at all the jeans and pants though. They sell online too so check them out.

I’m so jealous Atlanta doesn’t have any major Buy-Sell-Trade stores besides Plato’s Closet and they don’t have any brands I want. They typically sell stuff for teens- Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie type of deal. I need one of the huge chains like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads or Beacons to come to Atlanta!!

All in all, I totally dig this type of  shopping now over thrifting. Prices are more expensive, but you don’t have to sift through hundreds of items to find a good item like in thrift stores. One tip I would say is to definitely keep your phone charged. Every item I found an item, I looked it up online to get the current price. I wanted to make sure  I was getting a great deal. Also, I wanted to make sure I couldn’t get the same item brand new on sale for around the same price. I would rather Pay $50 for an item I like brand new on sale vs. spending $35 for previously worn item.

Do you like shopping at these type of stores?