Common Skincare Mistakes (and problems) Solved…Holiday Edition

Specific Beauty founder Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd gives you the scoop on common skincare mistakes and gives us some holiday tips to keep our skin at it’s best 🙂

Tis the season for holiday STRESS…and hence a time where we may be a bit more proned to pimple flare ups (which is not the best thing when we have so many parties, photo opps, etc.. on the calendar!) – What’s a girl to do when with a Rudolf-style flare up?

Solution: Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd says…you can spot treat with OTC acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. For big pimples, you can see your dermatologist for a quick injection. Most dermatologists will squeeze you into the schedule last minute for an injection of cortisone which decreases inflammation. This can cost anywhere from $25-$100 depending on where you live but it may be well worth it to stop a pimple before a big holiday event.

2) A CASE OF SANTA CHEEKS (except not as Jolly)
Santa cheeks (aka extreme red cheeks) can sometimes be caused by 1)rosacea or 2) cold weather wind damage. Antioxidant based solutions can help with rosacea (which is a common skin inflammation condition) and heavy duty moisturizing can help with cold weather issues (see holiday glowing tips below)

Solution: Dr. Heather Woolyer Lloyd says…Antioxidants that reduce inflammation are extremely helpful for red rosy cheeks. Look for ingredients like green tea which can reduce redness.(Ex. Replenix Green Tea Serum) Keep in mind, products with natural ingredients like licorice and green tea usually have a yellow or brown color. This is actually a good trick to know that there are therapeutic levels of these natural ingredients.

With the busy holiday season (shopping, holiday parties, etc…) It’s easy to forget about basic skin care 101 rules and skip a night of cleaning makeup off before bed. Leaving makeup on at night can lead to significant acne breakouts – the ultimate anti-beauty sleep mistake. This one mistake can actually lead to clogged pores and pimples.

Solution: Use a wipe such as the Specific Beauty Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths if you are tired – these cloths are a quick and easy solution to cleanse and remove makeup for late nights. Rough enough to take off the day’s makeup but gentle enough to keep skin fresh and clean.


1) During the winter, dry skin is a problem for most women. Use a heavier moisturizer at this time of year.

2) Apply moisturizers immediately after cleansing to lock in moisture. Look for ingredients like ceramide, which help to restore the skin’s natural barrier.

3) If your skin is not acne prone, olive oil can be used to hydrate at night.

4) If your skin becomes dry, decrease retinoids to every other night. Studies show that the anti-aging effects are achieved even if used just 3 times per week.

5) Don’t forget the lips. Dry chapped lips are common in winter and can make you look worn down. Carry a lip moisturizer or Vaseline in your purse and reapply throughout the day to combat dryness.

6) The hands should also not be neglected. Carry an intensive hand moisturizer in your purse and apply before putting on gloves on cold winter days. Ingredients like glycerin help to draw in moisture and improve hydration of dry chapped hands.

Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd

Dr. Woolery-Lloyd is a dermatologist and the creator of Specific Beauty – a unique and targeted new skincare line designed to address the skin needs of multi-hued skin tones. Over the last decade, Heather has focused her time and energy into researching and developing effective treatments for the cosmetic concerns of multi-hued skin tones. Historically, there has been a tremendous void in dermatologic research in this area. Heather was determined to create an effective skin care line that delivered radiant, even skin at a price point accessible to all women. As a mother of two, she inspires with her entrepreneurial spirit, her passion for her patients and their beauty needs.