Colour Pop Review + Kae Pop Swatches

It’s no secret myself and pretty much every other woman on Instagram is obsessed with matte lips. It’s the new *In* thing! In addition to the matte lips trend, brown lips have been more in since 1995. I remember I used to love getting Fashion Fair lip colors in shades of brown (Toasted Almond was the truth!!). I love the resurgence of brown shades for the lips.

I ended up getting 2 colors from Colour Pop’s  Kae Pop collection – (Karrueche’s limited edition). In addition to KAE & CHI , I also purchased Frick N’ Frack.

Let’s first start out with this price! $6!!!! Yep, you read that right. $6. The prices are so good I should have bought more. The price was definitely right! I had tried on a friend’s KAE pop so I already knew how glorious it felt lol.

Let me break it down:

THE FEEL – It glides on soooo smooth and makes it very easy to apply. I would say it dries completely in about 45 seconds so you have a little time to get it together before it fully dries

THE CONSISTENCY– You only need to do one layer. It doesn’t go on runny or with lines so you should really only need one layer. If you do another layer, it will be more intense but one layer is just fine and packs a ton of color!

THE LASTING POWER – This lasts a good chunk of the day. After eating and drinking, it may have faded a little bit but I still haven’t needed to reapply. I find myself asking, “Do I still have lip color on?”. I always get a YES response so thats good enough for me.

Here are the swatches of the 3 lip colors I purchased:


This is definitely my favorite one. I would call this one a brickish toned brown. It has hints of red. I think it looks good on all skintones also.

colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review


This one, I particularly don’t like on it’s on…but on top of Kae or another deeper color…perfection! Otherwise it looks like a little pasty on me.

colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review


I love this Mauve-y/Rose color alot. I think it’s a great Spring color 🙂 This one is from their Ultra Satin line so it’s not matte.

colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review frick and frack colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review frick frack colourpop kae pop ruch chi swatch review frick frack

I basically am in love with my new colors from COLOUR POP and I will be purchasing some more. Since Kae Pop is limited edition, I need to grab a couple of KAEs before they go away forever!

You get $5 off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. Head to


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