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CLEAR Ultra Shea & Oscar James How To: Elle Varner’s Defined Curls

CLEAR Ultra Shea & Oscar James How To: Elle Varner’s Defined Curls

I got a chance to check out the beautiful and talented singer Elle Varner late last week in Atlanta for an event sponsored by Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy.  As promised, I’m here to give you on the scoop on how to get your curls to pop like Elle’s no matter what your hair texture is!

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ ULTRA SHEA celebrity stylist Oscar James was on site to give me the deets:

“I shampooed and conditioned her hair with Clear Scalp & Hair Ultra Shea. She let it air dry. I then went over any parts that looked a little frizzy with a curling iron and a little of the Nourishing Balm to give it a little more shine and definition.”

If you don’t like to airdry your hair, Oscar suggests you use a diffuser on the hair for 20 minutes (depending on length and density) while using your fingers to fluff and style curls. “Diffusers are extremely useful for minimizing heat damage and they also create great volume for curly hair while keeping your curls intact.”

Regarding the type of iron used, he said,  “I use an old fashioned curling iron. I use a stove and a marcel iron. I wrap the hair around it and hold for a few seconds and let it go.”

I would love to achieve this look at home when my curls get a little limp or frizzy. Oscar James on how to achieve this at home, “You just take the perimeter. Whatever you see, you take your iron and wrap your hair around in small sections. You want to clean up anything that is framing your face.”

Most people don’t have marcel irons at home and I don’t suggest you use them if you are not a trained stylist. Try out the popular curling wands. Depending on the size of your curls, you can find them in any size diameter.

Have you tried using a curling wand to spruce up your curls?