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Chuck Amos Gives Natural Hair Tips + Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Tips!

How do you achieve some of Tracee Ellis Ross’ hottest styles?

Chuck: First of all, we love Tracee Ellis Ross! Muah, Momma!! Her hair starts off great! It is Diana Ross’ DNA in there, yes? LOL!!

Well, what we do is saturate her hair with water and some cream , her concoction. And I always add a little Pantene Oil Cream Moisturizer! We diffuse it with the funnel diffuser on medium hot then cooled down to cold to “freeze” the curl in shape! We do that to her entire head, approximately 1 hour.

Then we blow it on hotter heat at the roots around the top and crown, loosening up the shape, almost an upside down triangle shape, circa disco/soultrain era! Then we go at random pieces with a 1/4″ curling iron making spirals and pulling them out as they cool and doing “S” waves with the curling iron by going back and forth against the curved edge creating a wave!

With the combination of all that, so strategically placed, we create what is “Tracee Ross’s Hair Style”