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Chuck Amos Gives Natural Hair Tips + Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Tips!

What are your favorite go-to natural hairstyles?

The freedom of not having a hair style is my all-time favorite! To let each curl play in the beauty of it’s individual curves, to let each hair feel each other and twirl and twine and play together all in one spot at the height of your creation! Let them blow freely in the wind!

You can have a “natural style” by pulling them back or up into a ponytail puff, or even a bun; but if you do, I suggest that you let your edges rest and let them loosely play agains’t your face and down your neck. You have enough tension, keep the hair playful and loose!

With all the poetic gestures aside, “cornrows” are my real all-time favorite natural “hairstyle” if I was to choose one! The history of them and the ancestry of them is remarkable and how “by magic” you can manage to get “all that nappy big ole head o hair” down so close to your hair and keep it compact like that is magic! Magic traced back to the days of Cleopatra, before chemicals or wefts! This was the hair invention revolution that came with us on the slave boats…to America!