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Chuck Amos Gives Natural Hair Tips + Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Tips!

What are some winter hair care tips?

There are 2, and they sort of play agains’t each other One is, You are better off wearing your hair down when you wear a ski cap or winter hat. Reason being that, if the hat is wool or cotton or any mono-phobic fiber, it will “chew” your hair line to death!!! The hairs around the perimeter of your head are way more fragile than the bulk of the interior head of hair! Which is where the hat will lay if your hair is down!! Now if you are letting your hair “down”…for that one of a kind “Dior” ski cap, I suggest that the jacket you are wearing is a mono-fillic fiber, such as silk satin, polyester fibers, example: a puff coat with smooth hand to it , or a leather of some sort. Even mink or fur is better on the fragile “ends” of your hair, to rest upon, when you are wearing your hair down and sporting that new Tom Ford ski cap.