Chrisette Michele Takes Over The Beautiful Textures Booth!

Chrisette Michele Takes Over The Beautiful Textures Booth!

This weekend I headed to the hair show to check out Beautiful Textures since I am a huge fan of the brand. On Sunday they had special guest Chrisette Michele come and perform for hundreds of fans at their setup at the hair show!

Chrisette Michele talked to her fans about her hair journey and how she has joined the Youtube community after watching countless natural hair vloggers. She loves the natural hair community and embraces it!

Chrisette Michelle rockin’ her havana twists: (She makes me want to get some!!)

Chrisette Michele - 1

Her lashes and coral lippie are poppin!!

Chrisette Michele  sings A Couple Of Forevers

Vlogger Vaughn stopped by the booth! (with a photobomb by me that I JUST noticed lol)

Blogger Vaughn Moore


Celebrity stylists Felicia Leatherwood and Pam Hogan were on-hand to give their experience with #TMS from a professional standpoint!



They did demos using the system!

Pam Hogan-Felicia Leatherwood and TMS Hair Demo Model_SON-WNHS

The Beautiful Textures booth was definitely a big hit at the hair show!!!

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Photos: James Hogan

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