Chocolashea Review-Cupcake Bath Bombs

If you haven’t heard about Chocolashea, please check them out. They make Bath Bombs and they are uber cute.

Presentation is so important to me and look at their bath bombs, they came in a cupcake case. How cute!

Now, on to the deliciousness (Is that a word?)

They are CUPCAKE Bath Bombs! They are individually wrapped Divacakes Cupcake Bath Bombs and they are only $5 each.

Indulge your senses with our luxurious Divacake! Designed with you in mind, our creative cupcake bath bombs are packed with Shea and Cocoa butters and smells just like a fresh baked cupcake topped with Shea-butter butter cream frosting! Leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Our bath bombs are gentle on skin with all natural ingredients! This is the size of an actual cupcake, approx 5 oz. $5 Each. Frosting colors may vary.

My Review: I LOVED them. I am such a bath girl and prefer baths over showers any day of the week. I just like to relax. I put the Cupcake in and it went to work releasing all of its oils and awesome fragrances. I used two so far- One smelled like Strawberry Lemonade and another like Butterscotch. The smell definitely filled up the room. (I am very big on fragrance). The “Icing” is full of shea butter and kind of melts away in the tub and I even used it to rub on my arms to make them soft.

Immediately after I got out the tub, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It felt MUCH softer than I am used to. I usually just use bubble bath type of stuff that does nothing for my skin but just creates bubbles- so using a bomb that is great for skin and softens it is a plus.

I am so happy to see new small businesses selling quality products.

I also checked out their Chocolate Kisses Lip Balm Set and let my bf try it as well. My lips are definitely moisturized. It has shea butter, cocoa butter, vanilla and rose oil.

Oh, I forgot to mention- All of their products are ALL NATURAL so that is great for ladies with sensitive skin or ladies that don’t like alot of the extra stuff in their products.

Stop by and see everything they have to offer. You will love their items 🙂