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Chicagolicious- Interview w/ MaCray & Austin + Mid Season Finale Tonight

Chicagolicious- Interview w/ MaCray & Austin + Mid Season Finale Tonight

I had the opportunity to briefly interview MaCray and Austin of Chicagolicious at Bronner Bros but it was sooo loud in there and plus it was tons of people trying to take pics with them.. StyleNetwork hooked me up with a phone interview on Thursday so I got to chat with them again and get some more questions answered. I was especially excited because I love hair salon shows and every Monday at 9, you can catch me watching Chicagolicious. When it first came out, I wasn’t sure what to expect but since the first episode I have been hooked.

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 Lexi: Everyone I know loves watching the show and love you two. How is it being on a reality show and having your lives out there?

MaCray: I’m loving it! I’m me and I  get to be me on TV. Especially because everyone loves us…

Austin: Me too! I’m really enjoying it. What makes it even better is that we are who we are and to know that people still love us is great. It feels really good to be who we are in real life and they still like us and love who we are. It makes you feel really good about yourself.

MaCray: They got me feeling like I’m Beyonce child! (laughs)

Austin: I feel like I’m Barbie in the flesh.

How has being on the show opened up doors for you two?

Austin: It’s opened up alot of doors. Recently I did Monica’s makeup and that was a big thing for me because she was pretty much my first celebrity client. We are noticed alot more because of the show and taken seriously so it can open up many doors. It just started and the show is still kinda new to people and it’s still getting bigger and bigger. Anything can happen from this point. I am open to anything that happens from this show.

MaCray: Me too. I did Jill Scott before in a collaboration with A.J. I’m looking forward to seeing who contacts me wanting me to do something with them.

You two are so close. Did you guys know each other before? How did you grow so close?

credit: Matt Dinerstein/Style

MaCray: We met each other when she started working at the salon. I was already working there for a little bit. We tell people all the time, we are so much alike. We laugh at ourselves all the time. When we were in Atlanta, she was in my hotel room and she was on her phone texting and tweeting and I was on my phone texting and tweeting and we weren’t saying a word to each other. Every five minutes we say Did you see that on Twitter? (laughs) We are fine like that.

Austin: To us, that’s  hanging out. We were kickin’ it and having fun. We were in the room chillin’ and eating on our phones. We were having the times of our lives.  We just like hanging out. You can’t do that with alot of people. We were chillin and that’s fine for us.


credit: Matt Dinerstein/Style

What inspired you to start doing makeup?

Austin: It was weird because I grew up like a tomboy. I had 6 brothers. I was around them all the time. They would hang around these older girls. I would see them and they would have makeup on and all the boys liked them and I thought,  I want to look like them. I want to do makeup and wear makeup. I would always have my mom buy me makeup. I would play with it but I wasn’t good at it at all but I was into it. I just kept buying more stuff.

As I got older, I started youtubing tutorials. I would keep practicing. I started investing and getting better makeup and buying things that the girls would have on youtube. I really got into it for myself. As I got better, people would see my makeup and say, “You should do mine.” I felt a little self conscious because I had just learned to do my makeup and now I was working with different skin and skintones. I knew what worked for me but I didn’t know what worked for anyone else. I decided to go to school for it and it has been something I have been in love with ever since.

What are some of your favorite looks to do?

Austin: Anything dramatic is all me! Smokey, eyeliner, I love when people tell me to do whatever I want. I love anything that’s dramatic because that’s how I am with my makeup. I wear alot of makeup. When people give me free range, I’m going smokey. Something you would do to a big fancy event, I’m going to do on someone going to work.

What are some of the hot fall lip colors?

Austin: This fall is going to be alot of blue-based colors. Reds and maroons- alot of darker toned colors like browns. Basically the colors that start to pop up from fall fashion is what they are incorporating into fall makeup.


credit: Matt Dinerstein/Style

MaCray: I’m going to be honest. As a kid, playing with those Barbie dolls hunny! That’s what really got me. I went to college for 2 years. I wanted to be a History teacher. I was really going to school because my family wanted me too. One day I decided to quit college and go to cosmetology school. I started off doing box braids for $25. Every day before I went to work, I would do hair.

When I went to cosmetology school, I wanted to be a barber. Then I found out how long it takes to cut a guys hair and how much it costs and I thought, “Oh no ma’am” (laughs)

What are some of the Chicago hair trends? 

MaCray: At A.J.s we do alot of natural hair. Even though it’s mostly natural hair, the clients don’t really wear it natural.  They still get it straight. If a client comes in and they want it straight, we roll it up let them sit under the dryer, and then flat iron it out. It’s still natural hair and it’s extensions here. I do alot of extensions. I still haven’t gotten used to the Chicago style yet.

Austin: As far as beauty and fashion, Chicago has no rules. In general, makeup and hair the rules are thrown out the window unless it’s a fashion show. Most people don’t follow the trends. I know I don’t. When trends change, my makeup stays the same. People have really let go of the rules and go with what works for them.

What should we expect for the mid-season finale?

MaCray: It’s going to get..

Austin: Legendary! That’s all we can say.

The mid-season finale of “Chicagolicious” airs this Monday, August 20 at 9pm et/pt on Style.  More episodes from season one will return in October.

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