#ChevyRocks “Beauty Rocks Bowties” events in New Orleans during Essence Music Festival- Chevrolet, Pur Minerals, and SoftSheen Carson

I had an awesome time at the “Beauty Rocks Bowties” events sponsored by Chevy. They had a great beauty lounge with makeup, hair and nail demonstrations. The stylists all did a great job. I even spotted Derek J doing Tameka Foster’s hair and he did an amazing job with beautiful curls. They also had great desserts and drinks (Yummm Pralines!!!)

When you arrived you got a gift from Pur Minerals and SoftSheen Carson.

Some ladies got their nails done…

and others decided to get their makeup done

To top the weekend off, Chevy had complimentary Cruze Cabs where they would pick you up and drop you off to wherever you needed to go in the area—which came in handy to many people who walked miles and miles a day! (I wish I would have caught an empty one).

In the evening they had parties and thats where I got a chance to meet Miguel again. I met him once in December and the first thing he said was “I love your hair!”. I love that..a guy that appreciates natural hair.

Thank you so much to Divine Management. I have a great time.