Check it out: @Iluminage At-Home Laser Hair Reduction! Let’s See How It Works

Check it out: @Iluminage At-Home Laser Hair Reduction! Let’s See How It Works

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I was introduced to Iluminage last week in Atlanta when they came to chat with us about their at-home hair reduction system. I need hair removal so badly. For one…the hair on my lip…:sigh:. Everytime I go to get my brows waxed or threaded I always get the dreaded question, “Do you want your lip done too?”…Thanks for sharing with me that my lips are hairy m’am. lol Well, we all get those hairs but on me, I have to shave it every 4 days because I can see it. I don’t think you can see it from far away, but when I look up close in the mirror…Eeekk!! I have done bleaching in the past as well. Why not get rid of it!!

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Iluminage is said to work on women of color. Not all at home laser treatments work for brown skin. This one is FDA approved to work on our skin so I am all in. The Iluminage team and Alpharetta, GA Dermatologist Dr. Steele came by to provide us with all of the details about the technology behind Iluminage AND they did demos on us. My biggest fear, does it hurt?? It didn’t hurt at all. It was a warming sensation. Easy breezy!

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They said this treatment takes 7 weeks and you should be good to go.I am going to try this on my lip, underarms and bikini area. I will share with you throughout the 7 weeks my experience and if the hair growth has slowed down. It is supposed to offer permanent hair reduction. If I don’t have to shave under my arms as much, that’s a win!!

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I am excited about the possibility of having a permanent reduction of hair under my arms and on my lip!! And on the bikini area since it’s swimwear season. I received the Precise Touch so look out for my journey!!

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