Charging more for texture/length

If you have been to a Dominican Salon you will notice that they typically charge an extra $10 for women with natural hair. I see that alot of people are frustrated with that. I don’t understand why they shouldn’t charge an extra $10. Natural hair takes more time because they have to care for it differently. It needs to be detangled with care, it takes longer to roller set, and it takes longer to blow out. I know some people think about it as discrimination, but I do not. I see it as time. They could probably wash and set 2 relaxed ladies in the time it takes for 1 natural lady. If it was too much extra then I wouldn’t be okay, but $10 is fair. At AA Salons, they charge more for natural as well…but usually a $15-20 difference. $55 for a press (natural) and $35 for a roller set or wrap (relaxed). What do you ladies think?

As far as length, same thing. I would actually be upset if they charged me the same they charged someone with waist length hair lol. I would think mine would take less work and should be less expensive- but on the other hand, should someone with chin length hair be charged the same as me? I do think its okay to go up on prices for longer hair because it’s about time. It takes longer, therefore, I think it is fair.

In your experience, have salons charged you extra for long hair or natural hair?