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Celebrity Stylist Tippi Shorter Class in ATL

The amazing celebrity stylist Tippi Shorter will be hosting a class in Atlanta to help learn all the tricks of the trade of the haircare industry. This is her first stop on her tour and it will be very hands on.

The classes are being help December 11th in 2 sessions: morning session (9a-1p) and afternoon (3p-7p).

In the class you will go over topics such as:

  • The difference between working on a photo shoot, a video and television.
  • The first step in getting an agent and what to look for in an agent.
  • The steps in opening and operating a successful salon.
  • The qualities that make up an excellent assistant on photo shoots and videos.
  • How to maintain professionalism on a video/photo shoot/tv show when you are working with a celebrity client
  • The first steps in creating your own HAIR product line.
  • How to be a part of the “A TEAM” or “GLAMsquad “for a celebrity client.
  • How to become a BRAND!!!
Make sure you sign up if you are interested in being a Celebrity Hairstylist and creating a brand!
The price for the class is $100. You can purchase your tickets on her site at and make sure to tell her in the “Notes” section what session you plan on attending.
Don’t forget to bring your portfolio!
My fav hairstyle that Tippi has done: