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Celebrity Stylist Kiyah Wright Answers Your Color Questions

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Celebrity Stylist Kiyah Wright. I always like talking to celebrity stylists because I can pass the info onto my readers who want information on different things pertaining to natural hair.

Since Kiyah Wright is an amazing Colorist, I HAD to ask her the hair questions I get on a daily basis. Most people who have followed me for a while either on Youtube or my blog know that I love to experiment with color. I get alot of questions that I can’t answer or don’t feel comfortable answering because I am not a stylist. Kiyah answers some of the questions I get in e-mails!


Lexi- Who are some of your celebrity clients with curly hair?

Kiyah Wright- Jill Scott and Serena Williams, to name a few.  In fact, the majority of my clients have curly hair.

L- What are your favorite tips for maintaining healthy, naturally curly hair?

KW- It’s essential to start with a great shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It is all about developing a regime and sticking to it religiously.

L- A lot of women have a hard time detangling their hair. What are some tips to detangle natural hair?

KW- Using a leave-in conditioner is key. Also, at least once a month, apply a deep conditioning treatment and put it under heat. This will leave your hair feeling nice and soft, and manageable.

L- Having curly hair provides versatility. What are some of your favorite curly hair styles?

KW- I love Alicia Keys’ look!  I’m also a big hair fan of Solange Knowles and Taylor Swift, and I love Emma Stone’s look in The Help.

L- What are your favorite Clairol Professional products for curly hair?

KW- Clairol Professional Jazzing in Clear Shine and Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection! Not only are they my favorite products for coloring and treating curly hair, they also do an amazing job of enhancing hair’s radiance, shine and overall feel.

L- What are the hot hair colors this fall?

KW- Red, red and red!! All hues of red are hot this fall – bold red, copper red, burgundy red, brown red…

L- When permanently coloring textured hair, how do you prevent the color from altering the texture of your hair?

KW- First and foremost, when coloring your hair, you should not go above four levels of permanent color because this will definitely compromise the integrity of your hair.   Your color should be kept at a nice level that will look fresh, while not damaging your tresses. Red is a better color choice for naturally darker haired women. Stay away from blonde! Dyeing black hair blonde means lifting the color over 12 levels, causing significant damage to the hair and hair texture.  I recommend using Clariol Professional Premium Crème Haircolor –  the only professional color that uses the conditioning and shine benefits of nature’s soy complex. It nourishes and hydrates your hair, leaving it looking healthy and fabulous!

L- After you color, what do you do to maintain hair’ s health and to prevent the color from fading?

KW- Clairol Professional Jazzing in Clear Shine works wonders because it seals your hair’s color and keeps it vibrant and long-lasting.  For Blondes, any purple shampoo for colored hair will keep your color looking bright and prevent that brassy look.  Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for maintaining blonde hair. It works to tone down any brassiness, renews and refreshes faded highlights and ash-toned hair, and leaves it looking radiant and healthy.


Thank you so much to Kiyah Wright and Clairol!