Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day By Giving Back

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day By Giving Back

Last year, I had the pleasure of going on two Civil Rights tours centered around Dr. King. As pretty much the only Black leader I learned about in elementary , middle and high school, I was excited to move to Atlanta to attend college and learn more about Black History.

Being on these tours this year really helped me to understand more about Dr. King, his family, and his trials and tribulations. From the numerous death threats to his family, to someone throwing a bomb at his house while his wife and child were at home, he was a very brave man. I can’t say we have many leaders like this today.

When violence was thrown at him, he promoted peace! On this weekend, many people do community service in honor of Dr. King. My line sisters and other sorority sisters got together this weekend in Augusta to give back. I decided to sign up for the food bank where we sorted boxes so they can eventually provide families in need with food for their household. It was a great bonding experience. This is why I give back throughout the year. In addition to helping someone in need, it’s also a great time to connect with people.

I hope you took this weekend to reflect and give back. Thanks Dr. King and all of the leaders before and after who promote peace.