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How To Select A Vendor On AliExpress For Hair Purchases

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Have you heard of AliExpress? This is where a good chunk of your favorite weave brands get their hair from with Asian based vendors. This post is by no means me telling you to not purchase from your hair vendors. Quality brands like ONYC and Indique get their hair from different sources so it’s always…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Style Influencers Group & @MyAfricanPride’s #WeAreBlackHistory Campaign Honors Inspirational Black Men

WABH Collage

Last year we had this epic idea to honor Black women and recreating images with some of our influencer friends and journalists. Last year we got some amazing feedback that we had to do it again but do things a little differently. We decided to honor our men. We pulled our resources together and came…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

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