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#CurlyAndFit Refresh Your Workout Hair With @CantuBeauty

Cantu_Feb17_Refresh_Fitness (1)

If you didn’t get a chance to join us last week, you missed a super fun, exciting class. Not only did we get to sweat and work out, but we also discussed our hair! You CAN workout and still maintain healthy, stylish natural hair. Remember, healthy hair starts from within so if you’re body is healthy,…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Turbans & Curls


After a week of my rod set, I decided to rock a turban and let my curls peek through. Jessica from hooked up my turban and voila!! Next time I am at the end of a hairstyle, I am definitely going to throw this turban on! I love this turban. Now I need to…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

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