Cashmere Curls

Check out Curls latest product Cashmere Curls. I recently tried Cashmere Curls out under my conditioner and as a styler. My curls were defined and it has sheen. It said that it works really well overtime to restore Keratin.

If you are anything like me, you would love the opportunity to try something out before you purchase it.

Well, Get your free sample here before they are gone.

Imagine wrapping your body in the most luxurious garment you can think of … your skin feels soft, pampered and delectably smooth. Can you imagine doing the same for your hair? CURLS invites you to clothe your hair in luxury with its new ultimate conditioning treatment – Cashmere Curls. This powerhouse product infused with “top shelf” natural ingredients, works overtime to soften, repair, strengthen and define your curls. Let the power of Cashmere cheer up your curly tresses just as it does your skin!

The light, but powerful Cashmere Curls serum can be used as a curl definer on wet-and-go hair for fine/medium textured curls, as a leave in treatment under your styling product for thick, coarse hair, or combined with your rinse off conditioner for deep conditioning. Equipped with Cashmere Extract, Cashmere Curls works to restore keratin, the main component of hair. Keratin depletes over time due to environmental and chemical stressors such as pollution, UV rays, hair coloring or aggressive styling. The Cashmere Extract within Cashmere Curls is hydrolyzed keratin that acts as a hair-identical protein to condition, strengthen and soften hair back to its bouncy form!

Perfect for …

  • Curly-haired individuals wanting to restore shine and strength to their locks using the power of natural ingredients
  • Anyone with fine, medium or coarse curls looking to better define their ringlets
  • Those desiring a solution for damaged hair

Tell me more …

  • Enriched with Botanically Infused H2O, Cashmere Extract (Hydrolyzed Keratin), Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Certified Organic Flower Extract and Certified Organic Coconut Extract
  • Contains no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, silicones, artificial colors or animal by parts