Carol’s Daughter Monoi Collection Review

I tried out the Monoi Collection today (video coming Wednesday) from Carol’s Daughter. This prompted some research about Monoi Oil. Monoi is a Tahitian ingredient that “undoes and prevents damage for fewer breaks, snaps, and splits”.  This is exactly something I need in my life. These products claim that with just one use, it prevents breakage by 96%. This product is great for all hair types as well- relaxed or natural.

MONOIThe MONOI REPAIRING SHAMPOO is sulfate-free so alot of you curly girls will be happy. It still does have light suds which is fine. I tend to not use shampoo too much so I used a little bit to cleanse my scalp and to coat my hair to get rid of the products I had on it previously. Since i blew out my hair, the shampoo helped my curls come back nicely.

The MONOI REPAIRING CONDITIONER restored moisture back into my hair and made my hair feel very smooth. It had a nice clean smell- I can’t verbalize what it smells like but it smells good. My hair felt really good and the tangles were coming out nicely with my fingers.

Sidenote- I LOVE the packaging for the Shampoo and Conditioner. Carol’s Daughter has always had really cute packaging. The shampoo and condish have a cool opening. You just twist the top and then squeeze the product out. You will see on the video.

I absolutely LOVED the MONOI REPAIRING HAIR MASK . I always love the deep conditioners out of any bunch. I am really big on deep conditioning and using hair masks for my hair. Because I have color and I do my hair alot, I really need to protect my hair from (even more) damage. I concentrated the majority of the product on my ends. I wanted to make sure ALL of my ends were coated since that is the oldest hair.

I loved the Monoi collection. Check out the new collection or read more about it at


curly comments!

  • I’ve been contemplating trying this product. I’m currently transitioning again and using my beloved Tui collection. I will have to check the Monoi collection out further.

  • Tt

    Today was my 2nd time using the shampoo and mask. I have yet to see any change but I am hopeful that this will be the product to change my life!! Thats what I think every time…. I really hope it does what it says.. STOP BREAKAGE!!! We shall see…

  • Tamoniva

    I just ordered this product today. I’ve been wanting to try the product line for a while, I hope to enjoy it.