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Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon Grand Opening – Part II Hairstyle

Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon Grand Opening – Part II Hairstyle

Part II- After learning about all the fab new Carol’s Daughter products, I also got a chance to get my hair done at Mirror Salon. The salon is so cute. Everyone was trained by Robyn Groover so I already knew they were going to be fantastic.The salon has an array of services:


They start off with a True Reflection Consultation- Scalp analysis, Density, Porosity, & Elasticity. From there , they can determine what products would work best on your hair and what styles. When it comes to styles, they can do it out. From blow out styles, to some protective styles, to twist outs and wash & gos. You can get it all done here!

Now onto my styling!

To go with the theme, they have a mirror above your head so you can see everything the stylist does so you can know how to do your hair at home. My stylist was Krystia .



Krystia took me through every step and all I had to do was look up and I could see everything she was doing. It’s actually a great feeling. You ever been to a salon and want to know what products they are using, how much they are putting in, etc…well, here you can see it all. She used Monoi products for all of the steps for my hair and it’s condition. I happen to LOVE Monoi so it worked out great for me. The way it makes my hair feel and the smell…OMG! I love it!

The scalp massage and the detail of the strand by strand conditioning—-A-MA-ZING!

I let her do her thing and she wanted to try something different. I told her about my lifestyle and that I work out alot so I constantly sweat. She decided to do a flat twist updo. I LOVED it!

photo 1-1


photo 2-1

This lasted me all week. This style had so much versatility because at the end of the week, I took out the twists and had a super cute big wavy/curly twist out that I was able to rock over the weekend! Here is the hair after a week of sweating:

photo 2

Here it is when I took the twists out:

photo 3


I loved it! Gave me great versatility! During the week, I could sweat with it…and then I could take it out for the weekend of big fun hair!

You should definitely check out Mirror Salon if you are in Atlanta. They also have one in Harlem if you are located in NY. Even though I have not been to or seen every stylists’ work, I know if Robin Groover taught them then they are good to go!

Thanks to Lisa Price & Robin Groover, Krystia and the rest of the Lenox team for an awesome job! Can’t wait to go back!