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Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon Grand Opening – Part I New Products

Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon Grand Opening – Part I New Products

On Monday I had the opportunity to check out the grand opening of the new and improved Carol’s Daughter store and salon, Mirror Mirror.  The new store is sooo cute and in a new section of the mall by my favorite store Forever 21.

To top it off, Carol’s Daughter‘s owner Lisa Price and salon parter Robyn Groover were there to tell us all about the new salon and new products. I absolutely looovveee chatting with Lisa Price. She is an amazing entrepreneur with such a beautiful spirit. And Robyn , Just as amazing! She has done my hair several times and is THE go-to salon owner in Atlanta.

The new store is absolutely adorable and is super cute–and it’s in the quiet part so you won’t have to hear the riff-raff of the super crowded Lenox Mall lol.

The management and staff make you feel so comfortable when you arrive and are super knowledgeable about all of the products and services. That is great because I hate to go into a store and then no one knows what will work for me lol. Each person that works there knows those products in and out.

DSC_0766 DSC_0768

When I first arrived, I found out all about some of their new products and some re-packaging on some of your old favorites.



I am so excited about 2 new products: Monoi Oil (Repairing) Sacred Strengthening Serum and the Monoi (Repairing) Anti-Breakage Spray (Comes out in July!) . I am a HUGE fan of the Monoi. I just ran out of the deep conditioner 🙁 .It makes my hair feel amazing and the smell is OMG…soooo good.

The serum is said to reverse and prevent damage. With my hair being so light from color, I have to take the steps to prevent it from damage. This product reduces frizz and promotes healthy shine.

The anti-breakage spray does just that. It helps prevent breakage. It seals the hair so it protects it from shedding and it makes detangling easier. Since your hair breaks off alot when detangling, this is a great leave in to prevent that potential breakage.

The new packaging for the Lisa’s Hair Elixer Restoring Hair Oil and the Fortifying Scalp Spray are so cute.  The new hair oil has a nozzle on it so you can get the oil directly where you need it. You won’t be wasting any oil with this and you can get down into your scalp!! Remember, healthy hair starts at the scalp!



Have you tried the Monoi line yet?

I am super excited to try these new products. Will give a thorough review soon.

Look out for Part 2 which is the salon experience. I got my hair done and can’t wait to share it!