Carol’s Daughter introduces the Chocolat Smoothing Collection

Sadly, I missed a Blogger event held at Godiva in NY last night held by Carol’s Daughter to introduce their new line called Chocolat that is a smoothing system. It’s about that time of the year when I start straightening my hair (because it can actually last without the heat/humidity) and I am always looking for products that not only assist in the straightening process, but also that protect the hair!!! This provides both.


Builds Impossibly Smooth Hair that lasts and lasts

This collection straightens out all your frizzy situations—from overheating to over-treating. Its main ingredient Cacao, the pure form of cocoa, is the sweetest thing your hair will ever experience because its intensity smoothes and rebuilds your hair’s structure, naturally, giving it a silky-sleek finish that won’t flyaway.

The lovely owner Lisa Price got her hair straightened using the new Chocolat line.


I can’t wait to try these products out. I will do a review within the next couple of weeks when I straighten my hair.

They are selling them in limited quantities online and I don’t believe they are in stores yet, but I’m not 100% on that..

I applaud CD on their innovation. They stay coming out with new products 🙂