Carnival Makeup Looks For Trinidad

Carnival Makeup Looks For Trinidad

Yay! It’s about that time. I have exactly 2 weeks before I head waaayyy down south to Trinidad to participate in one of the world’s most popular Carnivals. I am super excited. This will be my second time to Trinidad and my first time to Carnival.

So here is my costume!


I pray it fits right because all I will have is a small sewing kit and safety pins to have to make alterations 🙁

I am super excited about it! Not sure what shoes I will be wearing with it quite yet. Something comfortable and definitely no heels at all. Probably will take some old sneakers and spray paint them gold! That might work.

But I’m really into what type of makeup looks I want to try. Not sure I am going to be trying out a makeup artist in Trinidad or if I will be doing it myself. If I will be doing it by myself, my trusty Youtube will always help me out! I was looking for fun tutorials with jewels since that will probably be the only time I will have jewels on my face lol. Check out my favorite Carnival looks!

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Shameless Mya

Rumela Dey



I love all of these looks and they all seem simple enough for me to do. I have to get all my glitter and acryllic face jewels to make the look complete! I am super excited. Can’t wait to show you what I come up with (or what a makeup artist comes up with lol)