Car review: The Mazda MX-5 Miata

Car review: The Mazda MX-5 Miata

I think this red looks great on me!

I got a chance to test drive the MX-5 Miata over the past week and I loovveeedd it!

I’ve been wanting to drive a convertible for a long time. I love my hair blowing in the wind and I love fresh air. I tend to have my windows down most of the time, so when I got a chance to drive this- I put the top down everywhere I went.

It was pretty much Girls Night Out every night I had this car. My boo Dani hung out with me all week and we had the top down heading to some of our favorite nightlife spots.

I was able to easily sync my phone to the car via Bluetooth which I like. Communication is necessary for my lifestyle so I loved being able to easily dial my friends and hear it through the speakers— even with the top down.

I was easily able to switch from FM to XM to my phone so we could listen to all of our music literally singing down the street.

As for the size, I was very surprised that I fit so well in the car. I’m 5’9.5″ so when you look at the car you would probably think it wasn’t big enough for me. It was!! I felt super comfortable inside and felt safe. The car actually rode really nicely for a small car. I’m used to driving large sedans and SUVs so this was a different feeling for me.

The safety features were great. If you were driving too close to the other lane, it would alert you on the dash and with audio. If you were trying to switch lanes and a car is there, it will alert you. Safety is my number one priority when it comes to cars.

I would totally get this car. I probably would keep the top down the majority of the year except for maybe two months. But I hear it feels amazing in the winter with the top down, the seat heaters on, and the heat. I might want to try that out!

Thanks DriveShop and Mazda for letting me test out this awesome convertible