Cantu Video

Soooo today, the Natural word is talking about a video posted by LongHairDontCareLLC about Cantu Shea Butter Leave In. Apparently she was worried about a Warning on the jar that states “Avoid applying any styling or conditioning product directly on new growth”. So she send them a message and they respond basically that it could stunt growth so she did a video reading their email to let everyone know that it prevents hair growth. Now, it is common knowledge now (as opposed to years ago) that putting any thick product on your scalp clogs your pores and could prevent hair growth. This is ANY product, not just Cantu. I honestly don’t think Cantu should have even put that disclaimer on there because it left it open for them to be criticized or for people to read too deep into it. The key word in that statement they put was “any”…meaning any product or conditioner you leave on your scalp will clog pores. I think we are looking too deep into this…what do you all think…..

Hair products are for hair, not for the scalp (unless it says otherwise)

Click here to see the video.