Candy Brow Bar- I Am A #CandyGirl – Brow Tint

Candy Brow Bar- I Am A #CandyGirl – Brow Tint

I haven’t gotten my brows professionally done in a long time. I have a love/hate relationship with my brows. When they are amazing, I love them…any other time, I hate them. Brows truly frame your face and can make or break your look. I was just so over them..until now!!

I stopped by the Candy Brow Bar at North Dekalb Mall in Decatur, GA to get my brows hooked up by Panzie! She does a cool thing called brow tint which is where she adds a tint to your skin underneath your brows and they look “done” for two weeks.

So to start, she does the tint first (middle pic). After it has set, she then waxes your brows and gets all the extra hair to clean them up. In the end, she rubs this cool ball on your brows and it feels amazing. You are left with fab brows that look done, but it’s no makeup involved!

Best of all this service lasts 2 weeks even with rain, sweat and washing your face. She does recommend that you wash around your brows to keep it lasting long. I can’t wait to see how it looks over the next two weeks.

I absolutely love it! I HATE filling in my brows because it always looks drawn on when I do it 🙁 . This is a great alternative for those that aren’t good at filling their brows and those who don’t want to do all the concealer under the brows and all the extra work (Can you tell I am SUPER lazy!? lol). The easier the better!

My boyfriend complimented them and said they bring out my eyes! Even today, days later, everytime I look in the mirror I am in love with my brows and I didn’t have to do any work on them in the mornings! lol

Excited to see how this lasts! Loving the idea of brows that look done with absolutely no work on my end. I will definitely be making an appointment every 3 weeks!!

Check Panzie out at North Dekalb Mall (In the kiosk directly in front of Ross) . The service is $30 and totally worth it for 2 weeks of fab brows!

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IG: Candy_brow_bar

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