Can you tell the difference between relaxed and natural straightened?

My answer to that question is YES! Absolutely! There is a certain flow and sheen to natural hair that is straightened versus relaxed hair. I am almost always right about this. When I see a female in the streets of Atlanta with fly straight hair that is healthy and bouncy, I always ask if they are natural and what salon they go to. However, if a natural hasn’t straightened their hair to be bone straight then it would be obvious to tell the difference. The thing is, I don’t want the appearance of having a relaxer…I want the appearance of having healthy natural hair that is straightened..You feel me? There IS a difference but its hard to explain. What do you ladies think?

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curly comments!

  • brwnbarbie24

    Personally, I think that natural hair has more sheen to it and bounce than relaxed hair. When I became natural and had my hair flat iironed, it was much more silky than in my relaxed days.

  • Melinda

    Natural hair that has been straightened simply has mor “life” in it, although hair is not a living organism it still has a memory and relaxed hair just has lye as a memory whereas natural hair has life as a memory.

  • I know exactly what you mean! You’re the first person I’ve seen tackle this issue online. Straightened natural hair almost always looks healthier, fuller, and heavier than relaxed hair. Regina King’s hair, past and present, is a great example of how straightened natural hair looks.

  • I love my natural hair and I dont want to be mistaken as having a relaxer so its never bone straight. When I straighten my hair is still full and thick just the way I like it.