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BuzzFeed & Curly Hair- Funniest & Entertaining Lists

BuzzFeed & Curly Hair- Funniest & Entertaining Lists

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Anytime I am bored, I know where to go to have fun! …and now I go to the Buzz Feed app. I know I can find some type of enjoyment and entertainment by going through several of their lists–whether its hilarious, nostalgic, or about cute puppies- I love going through them.

I wanted to showcase from my favorite lists from Buzz Feed about curly hair:

29 Things People With Curly Hair Can Simply Never Do

My favorite 1,   10. Can’t be the little spoon unless you want to suffocate the big spoon to death.

The Pros And Cons Of Having Curly Hair: An Illustrated Take

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31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

My favorite one 8. Waking up and discovering that your hair has grown three sizes in every imaginable direction.

28 Exasperating Afro Problems

My favorite one, 7. The back of your hair basically turns into a scraggily version of a high-top fade when you rest your head on any surface.
Driving is fun. So are couches. And sleeping. And everything.

Click on the titles of the articles to go to them and prepare to do alot of shaking your head, agreeing, and laughing! Thanks Buzz Feed for always making my day amazing!